My idea of ‘CHANGE’…

Red and Green Christmas Wreath–2010


Red and Green Christmas Wreath–2011


Tear it all apart, re-utilize the best elements, add some new GREEN ornaments and new green-flecked red ribbon.

Now, that’s CHANGE…isn’t it, Barry?  NO socialism here, just making it better!

And I HOPE to CHANGE it again a bit next year…back to something, perhaps, in red/white/blue, to signify the great United States of America and her beautiful U.S. Constitution!

OBAMA:  Be gone from us!

2 responses to “My idea of ‘CHANGE’…

  1. Your photographs are more beautiful all the time. I just want to warn you that you have to censor yourself at the White House Dossier. You can’t say anything about Obama being gay. You can hint at it though 😉 I got a reprimand for that once. Other than that you have to think that Keith has to go to the White House everyday and is linked by Drudge. He doesn’t always respond to you but he reads everything.

    I hope you are well and are enjoying this time of year. Janice

    • Thanks so much for the info and the compliment.

      I certainly hope both you and ROBT KRAFT and family are well, and will have the ‘best Christmas ever’! And best Channukah ever! AND…best 2012 ever, after the Af-AM couple is ousted from ‘OUR’ White House…which will need fumigation and a total re-do, don’t you think?

      BTW, living here in Chicago, where so many KNOW he’s gay/bisexual…why is it MSM hasn’t picked up on this, yet damned Herman Cain?

      Great to hear from you, Gran…and I send lots of love to you all out East!

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