Some of my older peotry

At just a few days after turning 50, my godmother and favorite aunt, Delores, died of all the effects of cancer.  I was 33 then, and wrote this:


I am the dying:
Your closest friend
Conscious of your tears
Moistening this vanquished flesh.
Death’s perpetual parade courses
Victorious over Life ephemeral.
I surrender:
At Christmas
Fourth of July
My birthday
I was:

Copyright 1977


I had lost my oldest brother in ’74,  and a grandmother and grandfather before that, so I was very conscious of death, and what it means to those of us who remain.  Since, I have lost Mother, Dad and sons…all who meant everything to me.

In a few months, I shall have a 66th birthday…and wonder what I can do to stave off the destruction of these beautiful United States of America.  It seems to me that my one vote won’t do it, as I know the election is determined, not by our votes, but by the electoral college.

It is time, NOW, to begin your homework–remember thatYes, homework…to help you decide what is best for the USA and yourselves…and strike out the current CANCER before the USA dies.

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