Time Shot

Chicago Avenue Subway 2005

Copyright 2012 http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com



The clock
Has witnessed
Much more than it divulges
Through its somber rhythms.
Veneer translucent
Glides tick-tock
To be imaged
Only by freeze/frame clicks.


Copyright 2001  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

8 responses to “Time Shot

      • Whoa is right!

        Seems that extreme Southsiders ride the train to Chicago Avenue, then wreak havoc both there and on Michigan Avenue in the high-price stores. Many robberies and shootings…and flash mobs, sorry to say. Where are you?

      • I live in Southern California. We have gangs here, but so far I have not been directly affected. That’s probably because I take the car mostly and try to stay clear of the activity if I can help it.

      • Good for you! My neighborhood is full of Latin Kings, Black Disciples, and any punk who wants to form a gang, does. Not safe sometimes, even during the day. I’m sure I’m a heckuva lot older than you, and I must use a cane, but I still ‘walk like I OWN the damned street’, so nobody has messed with me after almost 5 years in this neighborhood. Stay safe, new friend?

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