Written many years ago: For my Dad

My Dad (1914-1994)  Oh…how I miss him and his “I’m a copper.” wisdom.


Finding my way through this maze
Called Life I look back
To the time I was two and bounced
On your lap
To the rhythms of the Dorseys
Every Thursday night at seven o’clock
Before I slept
In a room with two brothers
Who picked up their pillows
And constantly fought
About who slept next to the wall
That was so cool in the place we lived
Before we moved to the suburbs
Where we could breathe again.

Copyright 2012 and 1976  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

After my Mother passed in January, 1982, from the devastation of Lou Gehrig’s disease, I wrote this, again for my Dad, who suffered a mild stoke five weeks later:


Do you remember the winter
Early nineteen eighty-two/a time
Of whispers and screams
Tears and lost dreams:
It seems
So long ago
That she left us so quietly and elegantly
In her silken beauty
Taking the lovely blue eyes,
The white, white hair
And the smile,
All that remained of her humanity.
And you, the Patriarch
Screamed in March
As I helped you to the hospital.
I am drained:perhaps
The burden was too much for us both.
For you, the stroke.
For me, the emptiness.
I left with a whisper
But my mind still screams.

Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords. wordpress.com

Both gone…both so terribly missed, at least by me.


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