From my window: I didn’t know…

…that yesterday was Shambhala Day, the Shambhala Hindu New Year.

So, that’s why these few people were pounding drums and cymbals, and smoking up the neighborhood.


Shambhala Day – Year of the Water Dragon (whatever that signifies?)

Wed February 22nd: 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Shambhala Day marks the beginning of the Tibetan New Year which is one of the most important celebrations of Shambhala Buddhism. The date of the Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, changes each year as directed by the annual lunar cycles. It is a time for us to enjoy and express the wealth and richness of our spiritual and cultural heritage through feasting, conviviality, elegance and pomp.  Please register on the website for Shambhala Day. Cost is free, however, donation are always appreciated. (THEIR grammar, not mine!).

8:45 am Lhasang which is a traditional Tibetan ceremony to dispel neurosis, purify the environment, and bring blessings down to both people and place. Everyone is welcome to bring a special object for the year to be blessed by the lhasang smoke.


And smoke up the neighborhood they did, along with banging the drum and the cymbals.  Actually, they do this several times a year…and when the windows are open, it becomes quite obnoxious.

They’ve done this every year for the almost 5 years I’ve lived here.  The environment has not been ‘purified’…right next door is a totally littered parking lot, which the owners never clean up.

To ‘dispel neurosis’, neurosis being defined by the Oxford Dictionary as:  ‘mental disorder producing depression or abnormal behaviour’.  So banging a drum and making lots of smoke in a small Weber BBQ at a quarter of nine in the morning–producing in me depression and the abnormal behaviour of PHOTOGRAPHING this group from my window–will dispel neurosis.  Do all these people really WANT to be misled?

Finally, ‘to bring blessings down to both people and place’.  The owners of this building were almost ready to sell out to a shady developer a few years ago who was backed by ‘the alderman’ (in office (or, usually out) for almost 23 years now–yes, READ ‘cronyism’) who has been his FRIEND (Chicago-talk) for years.  The developer had numerous failings, yet the alderman continued to back him.  Thankfully, the people said ‘NO’, but continue to re-elect this alderman!

So far, our BLESSINGS in this 49th Ward of Chicago consist of asphalt patches (roads and parks)…and I cannot find much more.  People shoot and kill each other in this ward, and the area called ‘North of Howard’ (just four blocks from me) is one of the worst crack-infested ghettos in the city, even worse than much of the South side.

Just a post, letting you all know the area where I reside, and why I don’t go out at night, ever, and spend a lot of time on my computer visiting other, more beautiful places…perhaps like yours?

And personally…I lit some incense (patchouli) to dispel all the bad things that enter my home…especially the sounds through the walls and ceilings, from very irritating neighbors.


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