Breathing a bit easier now

This is the first quiet Saturday morning I’ve experienced since March 1, 2011.

That was the day African immigrants moved from a one-bedroom down the hall to the two-bedroom next door.

My life changed that day, for the worse.  And the heavy stress I have suffered?  I should sue them!

This building was under the supervision of a bank here in Chicago, as the former owner defaulted…and went on to lose all his properties in this neighborhood.

My complaints of excessive noise re: the neighbors met with no satisfaction until the building was purchased, and new owners took over the third week of September, 2011.

I continued to make formal complaints re: the noise (from children screaming; throwing loud tantrums; adults arguing; soccer balls bouncing off the walls; a one and a half year old crying for a half hour in the middle of the night–numerous times–and no one tending him; an older child stomping the hardwood floors; and two children who yelled so constantly that I wondered if their parents were deaf).

The parents–she, in her late 20s…he, pushing 60, seemed totally oblivious to the noise there children made.  At one (defining) point, the father told the Manager, “I can’t control my children.”

They were told to leave when their lease was up, 29FEB2012, because this manager does not want this type of tenant.

The children were whining and moaning very early this morning, around 5:30.  There has been no sound from next door for hours now.

I want to assume they left earlier, while I was asleep, but my Dad taught me to never assume anything.

Perhaps, just perhaps…I will be able to enjoy my fresh-ground coffee tomorrow morning for the first time in nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR?

And, my life can have some form of normalcy again?

As you, my followers, have seen, I have been posting a lot lately.  That was part of my fight against the depression caused by these silly people.

With Spring on its way, I will get out there and show you new shots of Chicago.


3 responses to “Breathing a bit easier now

  1. This sounds awful. I had experienced something similar several years ago when my neighbours had very loud parties every saturday night – fortunately it was only once a week but it is so inconsiderate and I know how you feel. I don’t know what I would do if it was every day. I really hope your horrible neighbours have gone and you get some peace.

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