Food, glorious food…

…many, who deserve it, do not have it.   And are too embarrassed to ask the government for it.

So they struggle, day to day, to work at a low-paying job…just to provide their family with some sort of SUSTENANCE…while in Washington, D.C., Michelle Obama, whose duty it is to oversee the White House Kitchen (though she apparently HATES not being paid for that role as First Lady) serves things like “Crab Mac and Cheese” and “12 oz. Ribeye steaks” to the US Governors.

I live alone, just me here.  And I can say that a 12 oz. ribeye (boned, of course!) would provide THREE happy, very happy, meals for me.  With a baked potato and a veggie, I’d say I would be over-eating.

I remember quite well when the musical “Oliver” first came about…I worried about children’s hunger then…and I am still worrying over 40 years later!

The ‘missus’ (read: Queen Michelle) is NOT worried about your child’s hunger…she has no worries at all when it comes to food (which we, the taxpayers, must pay for).

Get it…NOW?

OK, then get it good!

Please vote sensibly, when your turn comes along.


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