The best I could find…

…regarding the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart, may he rest, now…in the peace which only Death has promised.

According to Greek belief, Andrew will be with us 40 days…do not be surprised if you see a shadow amongst you.

I, personally, never met Andrew, respected him highly and yes, at times found his intensity a bit frightening but necessary:  he was simply achieving his goals…yet, this evening, I am praying for his family, especially his still-young children, that they may find some sort of closure, somewhere along their ways.

It is difficult to accept…the loss of a loved one.  I learned this on Thanksgiving Day, 1996, when my own younger son left us (born the same year as Andrew), at just two weeks short of 27 years old.  From what I know of Andrew Breitbart, he and my son, Erik, were very much alike…both husky young guys, searching always for TRUTH.

I have been sad and teary-eyed all day…hopefully, we shall know more after tomorrow’s autopsy.  Andrew’s sudden death has brought back so many memories of my own son’s equally-sudden passing….

I know, I should ‘buck up’ and be happy again…but death is a thing I find ‘difficult to deal with’.


All was very pale
In the dark that night
I saw a chin and a nose
Every time I closed my eyes
I could not see your face
But I knew it was yours
As you lay on the ground
In Poland.

Copyright 2012


I shall age, I tell him,
But I don’t know for how long.
How many freeze-frames
Of  Time
Are allotted?

Copyright 2012


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