Another 80 degree day…

…has brought us these lovelies:

These are blossoming so early, I feel we are being teased…a lot.  This is Chicago, and March is normally a dismal month.  I’m certain we’ll see a heavy snowstorm or three before May.

The real capper is this flowering crab, less than two full blocks from the shore of Lake Michigan:

For the past few moments, there has been distant thunder.  I fear a storm might destroy the delicate magnolias….


2 responses to “Another 80 degree day…

    • Yes, I love them too! I am waiting for the yellow magnolia just around the corner to bloom again. I’ve been working a painting (for tooooooo long) from a shot I took FIVE years ago. Soon as I’ve finished Spring cleaning, I shall attack the canvas again. It’s almost there, but…well, that;s me, the ‘flawed’ (so I have been told) perfectionist! Ha…and another Ha!

      If it were not for me continually striving to be better, who in the world would I be?

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