OK, I’m almost done for the night…

…but I found this from a man who definitely had my same FLAW:  perfectionism*!

Long, but I thought you might like to see an ‘original’ at work.

*I was told at one of my last workplaces, that one of the reasons I was ‘let go’ was because I was a ‘perfectionist’, and that was considered a great ‘flaw’ by the management.  Of course, never mind the fact that I was, in the 80s, considered, ‘the best in the Midwest’ in re: my design and scenic painting ability, which I had been most complimented by via the late Oliver Smith, the grandad of all Broadway designers, with whom I worked (at his request) twice after our original meeting.  Oliver was also a ‘perfectionist’…and when he passed in late 1993, part of me passed with him.

He asked me to move to New York…I said a recalcitrant no, and I was glad I did…because my mother had passed earlier that year (1982), and I knew my Dad would need some immediate support from me, his only daughter; and, in his own words, “my best son” (though I had two surviving brothers at the time).

Some days, I really wonder what would have occurred, had I left and moved to ‘the Big Apple’.  Would I be the person I am now?  I’d probably have some wealth…but, what is money…if you know you’ve done the right thing…and are (in this day and age) reasonably happy (but poor)?


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