Sometimes, you meet someone, and it just happens


Meeting this woman
On the street of my chosen hometown

She says she is visiting,
Lives in the city of my birth.

She has had strokes.

She is physically scarred.

She is lacking her right arm
And uses a cane with her left.

We found our spirits common
On this Sunday morning
Admiring Nature
And the architecture along State Parkway.

It was meant to be
This happenchance of kindred souls.

We were exactly in the right place
At exactly the right moment.

She tired.

I walked with her to the hotel
And said goodbye.

So much learned
On one short block in Chicago.

Copyright 2003



8 responses to “Sometimes, you meet someone, and it just happens

  1. Yes, it is amazing when this happens, and uncanny how often it does.
    You chronicle life so honestly and beautifully, in your photos and in your writing.
    ~ Lily

      • : (
        Yes, I wondered how demoralized you might get. Being idealistic myself, and then wearing rose-colored glasses, things can be disappointing at times. But then, the beauty is always there for reaffirmation. Just look at your photos! That leaf one alone might sustain me for eons!
        I hope you are feeling well today. Thank you for the happy dancing and music. It was very cheering!
        ~ Lily

      • Uhh…the end of my last comment was written before I saw your last song vid. Yikes. Well, I was talking about feeling demoralized, and life is full of juxtapositions and things that can be unbearable…
        Peace be with you,
        ~ Lily

      • All happiness and much peace to you, new friend.

        Living is not easy…but live we must, no matter what.

        I am so happy you are also a survivor…please, continue to surmount the problems…as I know you can!

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