I usually hate photos of myself…

Me, onstage (as if I hadn’t been there before, at 15 years old)!  Copyright 1979 Mark Mollick

…but this was taken by  a partner 33 years ago (that’s HALF my life ago) this month…as he posed me on the stage of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, where my fellow artists and I had completed over 5 weeks of difficult work to present Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, set in war-torn Italy after WWII.  I want to say Marge Kellogg designed it, but perhaps my memory has gone, or not?

What is peculiar are the columns, right and left.  I worked so hard to get them to look that old…considering they were made of soft foam glued on Sona tubes, then carved with matte knives and razor blades.  They were then coated with a Joint compound/flexible glue mix, and let to dry for days.  Then we could finally paint and distress, via color, even more.

I look at my hands, and see the ravages of producing Scenic Art–they actually look younger today!  The lovely boots I wore became, eventually, ‘painting boots’–hey, they were very comfortable to work in!).  The shirt I made myself…and I still prefer to wear jeans (mostly black, these days).  The hair is now mostly white, the wrinkles considerably deeper…the eye make-up is the same I’ve done for over 35 years.

Pretty boring is this artist…except when it comes to re-creating the beauty we were all given!


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