Isn’t this a great shot I found?

My Dad is the third from left in the upper row!  Notice his hair, mussed a bit here, but usually combed back and groomed into what was known as a ‘pompadour’.!

Rudy and the Wrestlers-c. 1937   Original Sepiatone, not retouched  Copyright 2012


Before my Dad became a Milwaukee Police Officer 72 years ago this week (just three weeks before he and my Mother married), he was a semi-pro wrestler.  Though I have no idea who any of the other gentlemen are, I feel (prejudiced, perhaps?) that my Dad really stands out as the ‘handsome one’…and he was, till the day he passed in 1994.

BTW, for all you with lots of hair out there…within three years, at approximately age 26, he was already losing it.  They say baldness is inherited through the mother, but a I’ve inherited many very old shots of my grandmother’s family…no one seems to have had baldness; in fact, she, herself, had a full head of hair, worn in a coiled braid, until she passed at age 84.  All three of my brothers experienced baldness, beginning in their early 20s.  Thankfully, I, the only girl, did not.

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