Spending some time remembering, fondly

Actually, there were THREE of us back then:  Me (the resident ‘last great broad’ and video genius); David, the producer/director and video genius; and Jeffery, the owner of the video/audio business and guitar/video genius.  And yes, we were all ‘geniuses’ because we knew how to pull off great videos in a very short amount of time.  We kicked butt, even if it meant a 40-hour day…we worked out of love, and it showed in the final product.

I lost contact with David when he left Milwaukee (and Jeffery’s business–a long-lasting spat).  I have had little, yet somewhat positive contact with Jeffery, a McCartney look-alike, after our business relationship kind of fell apart a bit over 10 years ago (tell me, just how much can you do for someone, business-wise, for no pay?).  And, Jeffery never realized just how much I so totally loved him as a best friend…he was soooo blind.

So, this tune reminds me of days now past, not to be ever forgotten, because I know good times/bad times, there is nothing like a friend…and I seem to have lost these two.

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