Easter morning shore




All photos copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

It was only mid-30s when I walked over to Lake Michigan for today’s sunrise shots in the previous post.  The wind was off the lake, making it seem colder.

I didn’t stay but 15 minutes, which was long enough to catch these placid waves lazing their way onto the beach.


7 responses to “Easter morning shore

  1. I like the shifting shades.
    The water is so placid and the sand is clear. Peaceful co-existence.
    Ah, you highlighted the intimacy of water and earth elements …!
    Great shots, my friend!

  2. Ooh, such a cold morning there! I can almost feel the coolness off the lake, in your photos. I can feel the rippling water. The morning light reflected upon the water is so beautiful, too. Thank you for taking me to the water on Easter. I’m sure there is some meaningful symbolism therein : )
    Eater peace, love, and joy to you,
    ~ Lily

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