Easter sunrise…

…at one of my favorites spots.

All photos copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com


8 responses to “Easter sunrise…

  1. Wow! These photos are rare beauties.
    Very clean! you captured an awesome Easter sunrise
    on your part of the globe.

    The color, almost monochromatic, impressed me much.

    • Oh, thank you! I used auto, in order to take away some of the banality of just another lake shot. It was very cold, but this is the first sunrise I have done in several years. It just seemed like the right day to do it!

      • Turned out perfect!

        The color is stunning. Shades of lavender to purple,
        to me are evocative and appeals more to the emotion
        than the usual yellow-orange sunrise hues.

      • Sometimes, my friend, it pays to be tricky ‘within the camera…I only Photoshopped to brighten a bit, and give them some more contrast.

        The camera gave me many more colors than were there. I call it ‘playing’…if the shot turns out, fine; if not, erase and do it again.

        Have a beautiful week!

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