I was going to go downtown today to shoot some architecture for a project I was asked to do by the new owner of my building.  It’s cool and dull (mostly cloudy), not the best type of day for chiaroscuro.

So…I played a bit with a shot I took in August of 2008.  Here’s the original, with contrast only adjusted:

‘Cloud Gate’ reflection  Copyright 2012

Next, in black and white:

In sepiatone:

I did this last one a few years ago while playing with ‘Curves’ in Photoshop (TM), and used it as the header for awhile when I was blogging at Blogspot:

All photos copyright 2012

‘Cloud Gate’ is the official name of this sculpture in Chicago Millennium Park created by the British artist Anish Kapoor, who says the inspiration for this 66 ft. long by 33 ft. high piece came from his fascination with liquid mercury.  It is more widely known as ‘The Bean’.

8 responses to “Variations

  1. Wow, incredible. The b&w and the sepia are looking into a little glass city, in a paperweight maybe. Kind of Escher-ish, there. With the rainbow, just…very sublime especially for a city shot! ~ Lily

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