More on “Glowing Edges”

I shot the Sears Tower (refuse to call it ‘Willis’ Tower) yesterday afternoon.  Of course, I had to Photoshop (TM) it!

The original:

Then…I ‘Cloned’…heavily!

Sears Tower  Copyright 2012

And clicked to ‘desaturate’ and adjust the contrast…

…clicked a few times again to give you my version of sepia…

…and back to the RGB version, this time applying the filter “Glowing Edges”:

Sears Tower w/Glowing Edges, 2012  Copyright 2012

All in all, as John Lennon might say, “I think that’s quite nice!”


6 responses to “More on “Glowing Edges”

  1. Very remarkable effects of your ‘playing’ technique, my dear friend…!

    Your approach in presenting a particular subject is versatile, combining aesthetic taste
    and photography skills that allow the viewer to interpret the images in another thousand words.
    Now, your blog title becomes more meaningful and significant, merited by impressive posts such as these.

    Shine on! I’m so glad I followed you.

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