While walking through the park…

…I came upon this wonderful piece of tree stump.

If it had ‘ears’, it would look even more like a meowing kitty!


10 responses to “While walking through the park…

  1. That’s a beautiful photo yet it is really just an old broken tree stump, way past its prime – maybe a reminder to some of us who think we are a bit worn out – there’s still lots of beauty left 🙂

  2. Ah, tree…
    I think this tree had already served its purpose, so they cut it down.
    I am reminded of lines from Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem –
    “Poems are made by fools like me,
    but only God can make a tree.”

    Thanks for this wonderful picture.

    • Actually…I have personally designed, built and painted many pieces of scenery that, to the eye, look like real trees…so I have also ‘made’ trees. But they did not have the insides of a real tree…that can only come from the Creator.

      Muchas gracias for the compliment, Chito!

      • You are most welcome, my friend.

        I am glad to know that your talents in design, photography and painting are chanelled to make other people happy. The Creator has endowed you with creative qualities…

        God bless you always.

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