Today…in the rain

“They” said it would clear by early afternoon.  “They” were wrong…again!

Just two weeks ago, I posted these lovely tulips on State Street, here in the Chicago Loop:

Today, they looked like this:

And like this:

So, I walked over to the Art Institute, hoping to spend the afternoon indoors, but today was not a free day (it’s the end of the month for me, and 5 color ink cartridges cost almost $92, which ate into my ‘extras for fun’ account).  I spent some time in the gift shop, admiring overpriced objects mostly ‘Made in China’, then retired to the garden.

Oh!  Pansies!  How I love pansies!

All photos copyright 2012

There is more to come from the Art Institute…just am too tired to run everything through Photoshop (TM) tonight!

6 responses to “Today…in the rain

  1. Flowers need rain as we all do.
    Oh, how temporal these flowers are –
    here today, gone tomorrow; like us…

    So lovely images that remind us too,
    of our transience on earth.

    Thanks my friend!

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