In the Macca Mode

I wrote this while in Milwaukee back in 2001, when I was supervising the move of  a video/audio studio, owned by a friend who was a Paul McCartney look-alike…and played better than Eddie Van Halen!


I’ve loved you from afar
Love you very near
I’ve loved you in my car
Love you in the mirror.
Oh, I’m thinkin’…  (Chorus)

Oh, I could make you happy
Don’t wanna leave you alone
How large can this trap be
Man, I’m only flesh and bone.
Oh, I’m sayin’… (Chorus)

If lust were my desire
It would be purely passion
You set me on fire
My caution lights are flashin’.
Oh, I’m beggin’… (Chorus)


Come on, Baby.
Give me the green light, Baby.
Give me the whole night.
Just turn me on
While I turn off the lights.

Copyright 2001


It would have been smart of him to set it to his own music…he did compose things…Instead, it is only my poem/lyric.


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