Today’s walk…

…yielded so much beauty it will take two posts.  I began at the Emil Bach House, designed in 1915 by Frank Lloyd Wright, and now owned by James N. Pritzker, founder of the Pritzker Military Museum here in Chicago.  The annual tulip display is phenomenal, but they are coming to their end.

Last of the Bach House Tulips  Copyright 2012

Just next door, heading north, is another Wright-era house, also owned by Mr. Pritzker.  There is a grand tulip display, but these lovelies also abide here:

Bleeding Hearts and Dew  Copyright 2012

The morning fog left everything kind of dewy, including these Hosta in the parkway:

Dewy Hosta  Copyright 2012

As I crossed Rogers at Ashland Avenue, I noticed these purple iris getting ready to burst:

Purple Iris Buds  Copyright 2012

Thinking I was finished shooting, I crossed Rogers Avenue…and something bright caught my eye.  I almost could not believe…a poppy!in full bloomon the first of May!

First Poppy  Copyright 2012

5 responses to “Today’s walk…

    • Shopped to the nth degree…and Saturation almost eliminated. It was so bright, even me, with a cataract coulnd’t have missed it…but some guy walked by, looked at me strangely, and never even noticed this beauty.

      Because of this, and of course many other things, I am losing my faith in my fellow human beings…were it not for you and a number of others who follow this blog.

  1. No, barbara…he did not seem quite like that kind of guy…black hoodie…he has no idea to ‘stop and smell’ anything, I feel. Just to impart this: I have some very fine neighbors, who are black (actually dark brown) whom I have known for over five years. The son, now almost 16, has always treated me respectfully, as has the rest of his family…including ‘Cedric’, the father of the youngest daughter.

  2. Wow, the bleeding hearts take me back to being a kid! I used to be fascinated with opening them to see what’s inside… wait, I guess I still am! 😛

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