To all of you…

…who still have a Mother:  Please treat her well and kindly; she is the only Mother you will ever have.

My own, Anastasia (a name she hated), has been gone for over thirty years.  If I could have her here, for only one moment, I would tell her again, “I love you.”

Yellow roses were her favorite, the color of hope…those I placed upon her casket so very long ago….

Yellowed Roses  Copyright 2012

May all Mothers enjoy their happiest Mothers’ Day EVER!


4 responses to “To all of you…

    • Xristos…here in the USA we honor our mothers with Mothers’ Day, which is coming on Sunday. Anastasia, my mother, passed many years ago…but perhaps your mother is still alive? If so, please kiss and hug her for me?

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