The Glory called Lake Michigan

Early Morning Colors

8 responses to “The Glory called Lake Michigan

    • Thank you so, smacked! Even after 6 decades of shooting, including almost 10 years as a videographer, I still work hard to get the ‘right shot’. My biggest flaw: I tend to crop ‘in camera’, and must remind myself to take a wider shot or two.

    • Actually, Chito, I have to walk a short block only to get to this, my favorite spot. However, Lake Michigan changes with each day…I have seen it placid, then a few hours later so churlish, you would not think it is the same body of water. It can get very rough; years ago, it caused the ship Edmund Fitzgerald to break in half, and there are many wrecks still submerged not far from its western shore.

      But yes, it made my day that day, and I’m so happy you like this shot, mi amigo!

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