THAT Old House

As I walked up Sheridan Road the other day, a street loaded with 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s highrises (with views of the lake or the city…your choice if you have the $$$), I noticed this somewhat forlorn house.  It was obviously built for someone rather wealthy, probably during the late teens or early 20s.  Have a look:

The yard is well-tended, the urns are well-planted…but the rest of the place?  Yikes!  I do hope they are in the process of re-habbing, because there is some very serious work called for.

There are so many fine architectural elements–very expensive in their day–yet the house has not been cared for in the manner it deserves.

Looks like a telescope in the middle window…perhaps the owners only gaze at the stars, and not at their house.  The ugly, amateurish roof patches, sagging porch and peeling paint seem to be screaming for Norm Abrams and his crew!


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