Playing ‘backward in time’

I began with this image, taken early Saturday evening.  It had potential, so I ran with it.

At the Ready-Original

After cropping, desaturating, contrasting and adding lighting effects, I turned it into sepia tone:

At the Ready-Sepia Tone

Still I wasn’t ‘charmed’, so I began to experiment with some subtle scratch brushes I had downloaded:

At the Ready-Scratchy

This reminded me of ‘the olden days’ in the darkroom, trying to print from a poorly store-processed film with roller scratches and water blobs from improper drying technique.

One click later, I felt I WAS back in the darkroom, as I viewed what would have been considered ‘trash’!  No amount of re-washing or scratch-coat could have repaired poor processing, and working digitally is much more fun–no ugly chemicals!

At the Ready- Scratchy Negative


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