Postcards to Paris!

While out and about during yesterday’s 100 degrees, I found my way down to Buckingham Fountain, at the lake shore in Grant Park, between Congress Parkway and Van Buren Street.

These ‘postcard perfect’ shots are for my friend, Theadora Brack, who posts lots of lovely info about Paris at  Just click and see her gorgeous blog!

She and I both have an affinity for the fountain, and also the Congress Hotel, at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Congress Parkway!

Dear B:

Took this one just for you!

Love, Pal

Dear B:

Thought you might like this one, too!

Love, Pal

Dear B:

Hope this brings back those good memories of Chicago!

Love, Pal



2 responses to “Postcards to Paris!

  1. Pal, WOW!! I’m getting all weepy. I love this “Postcards to Paris” post, of course. What a beautiful gift. Gosh, I miss Chicago. Look at the skyline. Incredible. As always, your shots are gorgeous. 100 degrees?! You can’t tell. The flowers look so spiffy. Plus, they match the Congress Hotel’s grand sign. Let’s not forget the Buckingham Fountain. I can almost feel the water on my face. From top to bottom, This is the perfect summertime story. It looks like you photographed the hotel near my favorite set of benches. Were the food vendors selling their goods? Thank you for mini-holiday!! I’ve bookmarked the post for return visits. Big hugs, B. (The fountain was inspired by the fountains at Versailles. There, I said it again. Great tidbit.)

    • De riens, Mademoiselle Babs!

      I kept thinking back on one of your comments…how you loved the fountain, etc…so I made the trip down, as I had never been to shoot it. I hope these shots do it justice…a bit of La Belle France in the heart of downtown Chicago!

      So happy you enjoyed! Love, Pal

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