Earlier today…

…above the Loyola “L” Station.


9 responses to “Earlier today…

  1. Whoa, that is ominous! Look how dark it is suddenly getting in your photo! Did you get some rain?
    Happy weekend,
    ~ Lily

  2. So frustrating when you desperately need rain to see the dark cloud approach…then nothing! We have the opposite here, with lots of rain in the last week and our driveway so churned up I won’t be able to go out if we get anymore. Fortunately, none forecast for the next few days. Come summer it will all change and I’ll be watching for those dark clouds and hoping…

    • I, too, hoped a good long storm would develop, Lancer…alas!! Sorry to hear of your problem, though I remember well the times (back when I had my little farm) trudging around with boots so muddy they became heavier with each step. Godspeed and better weather to you and yours over there!

      • So glad I have my boots 🙂 last year I often ended up with wet feet wearing my old gardening shoes(holey and lacking a bit in tread) and had a couple of nasty falls when it was slippery.

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