Lovelier…the second time around

This past Friday, I happened to notice these white magnolias just down the street blooming for the second time this year!

White Magnolia Bud

White Magnolia Blossom


4 responses to “Lovelier…the second time around

  1. I love how you caught the texture of the leaves in the top photo. How wonderful to be treated to more magnolias! ~ Lily

  2. Magnolias bring back lovely memories for me. I was an exchange student when I was 16 (a couple of moons ago!) and visited my host family’s grandmother, a beautiful woman who really touched me. She had been given six months to live due to cancer but was more concerned about others than herself. I think of her every time I see a magnolia because she had a huge tree outside her house. Thanks for a great memory.

    • Oh, that makes me so happy I posted these…tears are welling. I’ve always felt if my work can do something good for just one person, it was well worth the effort.

      I hope your weekend was wonderful…you are quite the human being, Lancer!

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