Sometimes when I ‘play’…

…little surprises happen.  Yesterday, a great deal of time was spent adjusting this image taken late Friday afternoon.  I’m still not fond of it.


Playing with Artistic filters can be fun; I clicked Cutout, and arrived at this ‘camouflage’ look, which is rather pleasing as graphic designs go:

Gnarly-1 Cutout

In between all the adjusting of the first shot, I decided to see what it would look like if I clicked Invert.  After studying the result, I cropped and came up with this very delicate, Chinese Sumi-e look, which has a lot of promise (for something, sometime?):

Gnarly-1 Invert–Cropped

Finally, I went to black and white, as I often do when I want to check the balance of light and dark; this also is rather pleasing, yet I still feel something is missing:

Gnarly-1 Invert–Cropped B/W

At 9:30, I gave up.  Looking at them again this morning, I added two Photo Filters to the first shot, in order to cut the greenish cast it had.  It looks a little better, but…oh, well…the others are fine, and the ‘playing’ WAS fun!!!

5 responses to “Sometimes when I ‘play’…

  1. Nice series! Say, have you played with Sherwin-Williams “Chip-it” feature? Oh, la la. I’ve just discovered it. I guess you could “Chip” the top image, and then fill in the bottom invert black and white with the paint colors. Funny program! B. (The camouflage image almost looks like a face.)

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