At the Garfield Park Conservatory

After quite a bit of research, I think this is Heliconia Vellozania, so I’ll call it that.  If I am wrong, please, someone, correct me…I am an artist, not a botanist.

Heliconia Vellozania

And, a closer look:

Heliconia Vellozania

Here are several others of the 100+ shots I took the day I visited:



Bird of Paradise


7 responses to “At the Garfield Park Conservatory

    • How wonderful for you, Jensine. This conservatory suffered tremendous damage June 30, 2011…a storm came through, broke most of the glass, and damaged mant plantings which have been growing over the past 80 years or more.

      I did ‘shop out some of the damage, merely to show these beauties in their best form.

      Have a lovely day over there in Eire!

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