Oh, how the lake changes!

This image was taken last evening before 7 PM, while it was still showering a bit:

Lake, Boats and Red Canoe

I shot this image shortly after 2 PM, from approximately the same spot.  As you see, there are more waves (thanks to strong winds from the north) and the color is a bit muddier.


Here’s a closer look.  Even at the horizon, you can see the huge swells which make Michigan a very dangerous, unforgiving lake.  Rip current warnings were issued early this morning, yet there was no black flag flying, which indicates danger to swimmers.




2 responses to “Oh, how the lake changes!

    • Lake Michigan is a ‘hard ‘mistress’ so to speak, and has claimed many ships and lives over the years. It does have a ‘tide’, due to the opening of the St. Laurence Seaway; it also has a tremendous rip current, which caused the death of a surgeon the other day as he tried to rescue two children (the two were saved).

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