It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…

…Abraham Lincoln!

This huge bronze statue of Lincoln sits at the east end of Van Buren Street, just west of Columbus Drive , very near the Buckingham Fountain.

The Lincoln Bronze–Augustus Saint-Gaudens

h/t: Theadora Brack

Obviously, some tagger held Lincoln in high regard–check out the sprayed red “S’!

Lincoln Bronze–Close-up

6 responses to “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…

  1. Oh, I recognize the man and the park. I love the second shot!! What an expression you captured. Great eye contact. Not easy to do. You brought him to life, I do believe. Is the “S” for Superman?! Funny tag!! B.

    • Bonjour, Mlle B!

      It took a lot of ‘dodging’ to see his eyes…well worth the time and effort. I feel it’s one of the great sculptures in Chicago which is often overlooked…wish I knew who sculpted it.

      • I threw on my “Nancy Drew” cap. According to my multiple sources, the beauty was created by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens In 1889. The project took 12 years to complete, and was unveiled in 1926. You really brought him to life!! B. (Back to more Lincoln sculpture research. It’ a beauty.Thanks for the lead!!)

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