The many greens of August

Swiss Chard

Green Jalapeno Peppers

Baby Zucchini Squash

Green Bell Peppers

Green Basil

Put them all together and they spell:



4 responses to “The many greens of August

  1. Spring is coming and hopefully I can produce a few greens here before too long. Still cold, and rainy today, but there’s little buds on the trees and that feeling of hope in the air 🙂 Must be someone in Chicago with green thumbs AND fingers to cultivate such great examples and a very clever photographer to bring them to us!

    • Thanks so for the compliment, Lancer! These are from a small, raised bed community garden in its very first growing season. The gardeners must pay for their space, which is supplied with water. There are no fences, so I was quite surprised to see so much produce there!

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