As we near the Autumn Equinox…

…the quality of light subtly changes with each passing day.  When I took this image the other day (at noon, sun time), the light was so very fascinating.  I hope I’ve conveyed some of that with this image.

Quiet Side Street


8 responses to “As we near the Autumn Equinox…

  1. What a great perch for reading and tapping on the laptop! I love your shot. It’s fun to study the old brick patterns and the lace curtains. I wonder how old the house is. Cats would also love this porch! B.

    • It seems most of the older houses in Rogers Park were built in the late teens and twenties of the last century. This one has an early to mid-twenties look about it, and is well-taken care of, and there are many more in very good shape here, as it was once a relatively wealthy neighborhood. Merci, Mlle B., for liking this one!

  2. The leafy trees add “softness” to the hard feel of the structures.
    They temper the corners and straight line elements at the porch;
    even neutralizing the stoic impression created by the old bricks facade.
    Great contrast and play of light here!

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