These are real…

…beech nuts…

Copper Beech Nuts

…which grow on this marvelous old tree…

Copper Beech Tree in Dense Fog

…located in a small park along the shore of Lake Michigan in Bay View, Wisconsin.

Copper Beech Tree Plaque


When the copper beech

Came in sight

I stopped,


And said,

“Splendid you are,

Old tree.

Tell me your secrets.”

She remained silent.

Bold in the fog,

And yet,

Still revealing.

Copyright 2005

2 responses to “These are real…

  1. A magnificent tree! When I was a young girl I had a penfriend from Missouri who went on a family holiday to Wisconsin. I still have postcards she sent with a picture of the Dells and other places and a turquoise pendant she gave me. Sadly, we lost touch when my children were young (and my first marriage falling apart) and though I tried to find her again and wrote to her parents’ old address about ten years ago, I never heard back. You’ve brought back a wonderful memory.

    • My parents took us to Wisconsin Dells for many vacations…sometimes we stayed two nights in a motel. Some of it is pretty cheesy, but the nature trips are fantastic.

      Glad a mere mention of Wisconsin could bring you a beautiful memory, Lancer!

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