On the Vine III

Baby Aubergine (Eggplant)

Yummy Yellow Crookneck Squash

Soon-to-be-fried Green Tomatoes

4 responses to “On the Vine III

    • No…I wish, Leanne. It’s a very tiny, four raised beds about 6′ x 24′, just begun this past Spring. Thogh part of the Chicago Park District, the gardeners had to pay to rent the space (don’t know the cost), and hope and pray none of the thugs in this neighborhood would come and destroy plants. It’s done very well for a first year, and am sure it will continue.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I planted tomato plants this year, but had to battle off, not the birds… as I thought, but these huge green, crawly thing. I’ll have to do a blog about that and my sacrificial tomato… didn’t work. I think the bug got as many as I did…. LOL, but I did get several. Your photo of the squash plant is so cool & the eggplant makes me thing of vegetarian lasagna… LOL

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