Just five more days!

Symphony-Early Autumn

Though Summer inundates

With heat and bright colors,

I prefer the subtle tones of Autumn,

Even when they begin,

Like Life, to fade.

10 responses to “Just five more days!

      • Doesn’t it arrive on the 1st of September, as in the calender months? That is the first day of Spring here. Is it always that date.

      • For some reason, here in the States, Autumn arrives around the 21-22 Sept, though ‘true’ Autumn, the ‘meteorological’ Autumn, DID arrive 1 Sept…as it should. Someone, way back, even changed the time of the seasons…to me, that’s a bit crazy, don’t you think? It has been Autumn all day here, with the high temp only 60 degrees, and a predicted low of 39 degrees (Brrrrr!) tonight!

      • I have never heard of that before, thanks for explaining it. We are still experiencing cold days, and still lots of rain, which could be good, might mean a mild summer, if we are lucky. I love Autumn, it is by far my favourite time of the year. I hope it is really colourful where you are.

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