In late Summer…

…Lake Michigan, like the sky, takes on different colors at the end of the day…a time of peace and beauty.

Leone Beach–Early Evening


4 responses to “In late Summer…

  1. Timeless! The sky reminds me of cotton candy. Your shot reminds me of a hand-tinted postcard. I also love the life-guard stand. Pretty!! B. (Does my eye spy a bird?)

    • Oh, the gulls are always out there, Mlle B.! Glad you like this effect…I used to print B/W film, sepia tone the prints and hand tint them with oils–a process I first saw at a department store when I was just a child, then became fascinated with it enough to learn to do it. Digital is so much easier!

  2. lovely…I was hoping to come to your city in a couple of weeks time with my job, but at the last minute it was changed..shame as I would have loved to go again (I did go when I was a kid once)…never mind, maybe one day…

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