Was it the wind…

…that emptied the beaches last evening?  It was blowing in at about 25 mph, with gusts to 35 mph…almost toppled me off a pier while taking shots!

Empty Beach

Or…perhaps people were afraid of the low tide?  Yes, Lake Michigan is subject to low and high tides…the result after opening the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959.  I grew up in Milwaukee WI, and never saw evidence of tides until my mid-teens.

Interestingly, at my favorite spot, this particularly low tide revealed an old boat launch; I’ve never seen this much of it in the five and a half years I’ve lived here.  Unfortunately, the boat house at this area of Leone Beach was torn down many years ago.

Low Tide–Old Boat Launch


3 responses to “Was it the wind…

  1. wow, a bit eerie that..you never know what is under the water…there is a reservoir near me that was built over a village and at low water the church steeple sticks out…I haven’t seen it personally but have seen the photos. By the way, I remember going to the Seaway as a kid..I was born in Cornwall.

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