All that glisters…

…is just costume jewelry!

Jewel Upon Jewel

8 responses to “All that glisters…

  1. Reminds me of Christmas…is it only 12 weeks? Some of our shops over here have been selling Christmas items since the beginning of Sept – sad really.. It removes the ‘specialness’ from it if you ask me…

    • It does…all sparkly and rich-looking, like the Christmas decorations I used to design for downtown Chicago hotels. Actually, the image was taken through the top of the display case, so ‘the background’ is really the second and third shelves down.

      It is a pity…Christmas is ‘big business’ more and more these days…I’ve noticed a few items for sale back at the end of August! Sad that THEY will market any- and everything to make that extra buck (pound)…it’s a greedy world, dear smacked!

  2. Ring-a-Bling-Bling. Wow. I love this shot! I can’t stop staring at it. I also dig things that sparkle! B. (It feels like I’m inside an old jewelry box, exploring. Nice!)

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