Just two streets north…

and a block and a half west, this lovely fountain sits in a front garden…bubbling away on a very quiet afternoon.  Can you hear it?

Jarvis Avenue Fountain

4 responses to “Just two streets north…

  1. you have the ability to find the lovely things and the obscure things in the city…, things most people would miss…I love your blog…it is so interesting – and inspiring!

    • Thank you so, smacked! I guess I am just led to these things…they cry for me to stop and take their pictures, and of course I oblige! You do the same…especially when the caves call you, yes? And…I also have as a goal to show the viewer that there IS beauty here in Chicago (outside of the Loop and finery of Michigan Avenue), when one takes a moment to find it! Thanks again, smacked, for the great compliment!

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