Reflections at a Patisserie

Please hum to yourselves, “Pictures at an Exhibition”, by Modest Mussogorsky (1874)…you know how it goes; if not, look it up!

Toni Patisserie and Cafe is a new patisserie (bakery) open on Washington Street, between Wabash Street and Michigan Avenue, right across from the Chicago Cultural Center.  Here are some images I took yesterday afternoon:

Patisserie and Reflections

Patisserie and Reflections–MCU

Patisserie and Reflections-Close-up

Please note the beautiful patterns in the frosting on these Maple Leaf Cookiesoh, YUM!

4 responses to “Reflections at a Patisserie

  1. Lovely shots of colourful and luscious-looking wares! Thank you for the calorie-free enjoyment. I hope you treat yourself to a wee sample now and then… ~ Lily

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