At the corner across the road…

…is a small triangle of garden where I have photographed many times.  As Autumn has set in, the flowers and grasses have begun to dry and pale.  This image was taken earlier this afternoon:

Street Corner Garden-Original

As usual, I took the image into Photoshop (TM), because, as usual again, I wasn’t satisfied.  I cropped and stared, then went into Image/Adjustments/Selective Color and began to remove the greens…then took it into Lens Correction/Distortion at -18 and added Vignette at -27 and Darken at 27.  I wanted a ‘drier’ look to things, but did not want full Sepia toning (please…don’t think I am trying to make Winter come faster!).

Next, I added a Deep Yellow Photo Filter at 9%, then a Warm 85 at 18%…and began lowering Saturation and adjusting Levels until I felt it looked ‘ripe’ enough to add the Omni in Lighting Effects filter.  I handle lighting effects very subtly, often added them twice, in small increments to get the effect I want…guess that comes from my years as a Stage and Video Lighting Designer, and also from many more years as a Fine Arts painter and Scenic Artist.

This is my ‘finished’ image…I hope you enjoy it, and do some experimenting on your own in whatever photo program you may have.  Sometimes, lovely things happen!

Street Corner Garden–Final Image


2 responses to “At the corner across the road…

  1. I like the final image and also the original. There is so much beauty in seemingly ordinary things if only one knows how to look . . . thank you for sharing it!

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