A bit over…

…two months ago, I photographed these…remember?

Graceful Hosta Flowers-1

This past Sunday, I photographed the same planting again…this time, from a different angle…and sadly, they are at their end, going to seed and the edges of the leaves are browning…but, no matter how rough the Winter will be, next Spring they’ll be back, as gorgeous and graceful as ever!

October’s Hosta Flowers

8 responses to “A bit over…

  1. Some places have very mild climates where there is little change from one season to another . . . I’m glad I, like you, live in a place that changes.There is always something new. And . . . where would we be if we couldn’t complain about the heat or cold? There must be a million conversations with strangers all over the world every day all starting with comments/complains/observations about the current weather!

    • So very true, Lancer! Years ago, I was offered a very cheap plane ticket to Los Angeles, where I would be guaranteed a membership in the Scenic Designers’ union; I turned it down, not only for family reasons, but I just did not care to live in southern California, where the wonderful seasons do not change.

    • What with all the strange weather this past year, we may very well have Summer again in March…or, maybe not?

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