As a special favor…

…to one of my followers, I dug these out and ‘Shopped them today.  Her site is and she’s in Melbourne, Australia.  Leanne is very gifted, and does extremely fine photography…take a look and I’m certain you’ll agree!

These shots are taken ‘From My Window’ last January (she wanted to see our…ugh, the “S” word…SNOW!).

12JAN2012-Pine in Light Snow

13JAN2012-Pine the Next Day

You can see how wet and heavy the snow became overnight.

13JAN2012-Looking North

13JAN2012-Tire Tracks in the Snowy Parking Lot

We received around four inches that day, which was the snowiest last winter…looking to be ‘dumped’ upon this year!

7 responses to “As a special favor…

  1. OH thank you so much, the photos are wonderful. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen snow in Australia. I love it, it seems so magical. I love it that you dug these out for me. 🙂 🙂

    • Living here in Chicago, we have ever-changing weather patterns, Jensine…it could be 65 degrees F. on Christmas, or -10 degrees F. with 2 feet of snow!

    • Yes, I love when snow falls as feathers after a pillow fight, NgTom…I will watch closely, and take images for you when that happens!

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