The Grackles’ Exercise Routine

I took a short walk in this morning’s rain, and found this amazing sight.  The birds repeated this ‘Up and Down’ for at least ten minutes, then I turned to return home…a bit wet, but it was well-worth the chill!

Grackles-Up 1

Grackles-Down 1

Grackles-Up 2

Grackles-Down 2

Perhaps they were just trying to stay limber, practicing for the long flight south?

5 responses to “The Grackles’ Exercise Routine

    • It was just AMAZING…I was so captivated, I almost didn’t get the few shots I did!

  1. A few years ago a neighbor pruned the large branches off some local trees…and whether it was a coincidence or not hundreds of sparrows started to swarm overhead. They put on an amazing display at almost exactly the same time each evening and it lasted for about 45 minutes. It was an incredible sight. Then after about 3 weeks it stopped. Just as suddenly as it started – and it hasn’t happened since. Maybe yours are preparing for the long migration, anyway I bet it was an amazing spectacle to see.

    • Oh, it was very exciting, smacked, as I am certain yours was also! This display makes me feel as if Winter will come on early, and hard and strong, here in Chicago. Can’t wait for images of your lovely Yorkshire under snow!

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