From my window: Every year…

…at the end of September, a group from northern Wisconsin sets up a “Pumpkin Lot” at the front end of the parking lot next door, which is right below my window.  They do return in November to run the space as a “Christmas Tree Lot”, but for now, it is filled with beautiful ‘pumps’, as I like to call them.

The Pumpkin Lot in the Late Afternoon

As darkness begins, and gorgeous Autumn hues are replaced with subtly-colored leaves reflecting the light of bare bulbs, the whole lot becomes a little creepier, especially when visited by a man dressed totally in black!

The Pumpkin Lot in the Early Evening

10 responses to “From my window: Every year…

  1. I’m guessing the ‘pumps’ are for Halloween rather than the dinner table? Or are they multi-purpose? The photo with the man dressed in black has my imagination stirred, along with a few goose bumps!

  2. Pump it up! The lighting in the top shot is beautiful. Yes, the bottom shot is haunting. Has the Great Pumpkin appeared? I also love the way the “pumps” are organized by size. Are they lined up on the shadows of the trees? Pretty! B.

    • Yes, Mlle B., they line them up so the little kids can go along the rows, and they are under pine trees and others. The lot is smaller this year, but that’s okay…new pumps are delivered every several days…but I can’t wait for the Christmas tree season, when the whole block smells of wonderful pines!

  3. excellent picture…if you have views like this from your window you are indeed fortunate…and the creepy man in black is a bit ‘Stephen Kingish’…

  4. Our eyes are constantly capturing images with each eyelid shutter click but those perfect timing photographs that we record can be shared and then we all become time-travellers back to that moment when you intuitively observed and clicked. You understand Autumn and I look forward to seeing how you interact with winter.

  5. Wow, now that is a site we never, ever see here. Pumpkins are just purchased at the local fruit and veg shop or supermarket. I have never heard of a pumpkin lot like that before. That second image is almost really creepy.

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