He’s not mine…

…but he sure kept an eye on me!

Stalker on the Rocks Near the Shore

6 responses to “He’s not mine…

  1. I wonder what he thought you were going to do. His colouring is so good for this photo, he really stands out in his environment, maybe he thought he was invisible.

  2. He’s mine! Well, he would be if cats actually ‘belong’ to anyone – personally I believe they ‘belong’ to no one. Well, he looks like mine anyway. ‘Gizmo’ – our cat (strange name I know) – we inherited him from the neighbours when they moved to Australia and he has been with us ever since – but he almost never ever comes in the house preferring to sleep outdoors in our greenhouse – under a blanket when it is cold. On the rare times he does come in it is only for a few minutes to look around and then back out again. Even on the coldest snowiest nights when we would be glad to welcome him on our knees he is found outside. A very odd cat indeed.

    • No…he’s MINE! I had a cat years ago on the farm…named him ‘Honeycat’, because he was so sweet. Looked exactly like this one! Well, Honeycat ‘moved along’ to somewhere else, but returned over a year later on our Thanksgiving Day…probably to get some turkey? We never saw him again.

      Obviously, Gizmo is very satisfied to be somewhat aloof…and only checks on you occasionally to make certain you are keeping things ‘up to snuff’?!!

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