Bowing to Autumn’s fallen leaves


Two Chairs

5 responses to “Bowing to Autumn’s fallen leaves

  1. You are so clever! I love it. It would be the perfect cover shot for a book of Autumn poems. The same style of resin chairs are everywhere here in Australia, in fact I have two old, weather-beaten models out by the hen house. I had been thinking it was time to throw them out but after seeing your photo I feel like I’d be betraying their ‘Chicago Cousins’. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful photo – I will forever look at resin chairs in a different light!

    • Oh, Lancer…this has given me a great laugh! And if yours are not broken, why not keep them? BTW, I don’t know about in AU, but here there are spray paints that will work on plastic…and quite well, as I’ve used them many times. The brand is “Krylon Fusion”, and is available in quite a few wonderful colors. BTW again, you may use the photo, if you so choose…just make certain I get a credit?

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